Project Management

Our design approach is based on a strong belief in the benefits of teamwork, collaboration, preplanning, value engineering, and proactive management of the design process combined with uninterrupted continuity between the design process and the construction administration process. We have numerous techniques for controlling scope, schedule, project cost and the quality of the work.

The most important step is the first one: selecting the best structural system for the project. We use a collaborative, formal process during SD to determine the best value system for the structure, taking into account synergy with other building systems, the owner’s goals, current market pricing, schedule, and long-term value. We are sometimes surprised by the results from this process, but always confident that we have done our best to help select the best possible system for the owner.

We control Quality throughout the process.  A principal-in-charge is involved throughout the project, guiding solutions and monitoring progress.  It is not possible to control quality by merely checking the project at the end of C.D.’s.

We proactively help manage the flow of information and decisions on a project with our project management tools which include question lists to the other disciplines.   This list reminds them of information we need from them to meet the schedule.


Datum Gojer has been producing projects in BIM since 2006. The majority of our projects are in Revit Structure and Civil-3D. We have knowledgeable and dedicated staff that are experienced with the latest versions of the software. Our experience in Revit spans small renovations to $1B hospital project.


We strive to consider sustainability in all aspects of our design work.  This does not mean simply choosing materials that “check a box,” but rather viewing the structure as a part of the whole system. The interplay between structure, architecture, skin, and MEP systems is key to developing a truly sustainable design.  By working closely with the other consultants, we can consider not just the carbon footprint of structural consideration, but also the overall efficiency of the building long term.

Datum Gojer is proud to have contributed to many projects with substantial sustainable design goals, including the world’s first LEED Platinum hospital facility.